I’m Wasim.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and started my first company when I was 19. Turned down Wall Street and Ubisoft post-college to avoid becoming a cog.

Walked out on med school during a moment of boredom/clarity, mainly “I will never love meiosis like these kids love meiosis.”

Double majored in Computer Science and Graphic Design, but deeply regret not dropping out out of college in 1998.

Started two tech companies in 2001, dove into web marketing/advertising when assisting with Hurricane Katrina aid and inadvertently made General Electric $15M in 45 day.

Shifted to business development for several years before co-founding Crystal Icing a fashion accessory company in 2005 and LuxMobile a mobile accessory pioneer for Apple accessories in 2009.

I once designed and built an iPhone case for $302,895 USD which currently holds a Guinness World Record for most expensive iPhone 5 case.

Onto the fun stuff.

I am Bangladeshi.
My Desi parents drove my ethics and my business sense.

I am an ethnic chameleon. I am Bengali, but I can pass for most brown ethnicities which I have tested often.

My full name is Sheikh Wasim Khaled. This makes air travel loads of fun.

Born a computer geek, learned how to type my name, repeatedly, at the age of 3.

At age 4, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, stood on my desk, tore my shirt off revealing the Superman costume I always wore underneath which my mother had sewn for me, yelled “THE BOSS!!!” then “flew” out of the classroom singing “Billie Jean if not my lover”.

My first business was reselling tater tots to kids individually at a 32% profit in 3rd grade.

I have never been quite normal and count my blessings for this.

Big fan of cultural immersion and travel, 23 countries so far and counting.

China and Vegas were my second home for years.

I love ocean kayaking with humpback whales. Rain forests rock. Trekked through 5 of them with a machete.
Twice almost became a meal, once to a tiger and again to a trio of wild dog like animals. There is nothing quite like almost being something’s dinner.

I dropped 113 pounds in 2006 in one year all natural.
My road bike near water is my idea of therapeutic enlightenment.
Quit my 8 year pack a day cancer stick habit on a $1000 bet.
Recently a student of Tai- Chi and Total Immersion Swimming.

I have an burning Wanderlust and Fernweh that will never be quenched.
After almost a decade in big retail, celebrity/luxury marketing and consumer products, I have come back to my roots in technology.