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Planck’s Constant, Glo-Worm-Holes, Jello Cube Superstrings and the 4th Dimension

I had a rather interesting dream last night…

I was in a motorhome and I was angry that on the floor there were green glowing worms …small vibrating green worms.. problem is…no one else could see them and these shadow like lines around the worms that I thought were also dirt or larvae were also for my eyes only.

Suddenly it occurred to me that the vibrating lines were superstrings vibrating in space and if I poked them they would reorganize into shimmery translucent little jelly like cubes and poking them would ripple across like a connected net or like a pool of jello cubes all the way to the atmosphere
and beyond.

In my dream I knew I had seen what Planck’s Constant might look like in every day life and being an amateur quantum theory and enthusiast since discovering quantum computing and chaos theory in 1997, I realized some of what I was seeing could be what harmonic oscillations might look like in space!

The next (in dream day) I realized the green worms were something like quarks or tightly connected bundles of these superstrings or possibly even micro womholes that joined the cubes together and when poking the jello superstrings, the worms would orient in the mirror images of each other at the corners or the cubes and glow brighter.

Soon after I was taking a walk along the oceanside with my father and sister (not sure where) and terrifyingly the ocean started swelling and coming in rapidly the water started rising rapidly and immediately raised above my head alarming me and, but no one noticed … the water continued and suddenly rose very high….the whole area was submerged in hundreds of feet of water….but nothing moved floated and no one drowned. That’s when I realized I was experiencing time or the 4th dimension simultaneously, but focused in on one facet of experience, water and sea levels…this was rain and ocean rising over millennia. (I’ve
been reading a lot of climate change papers lately)

When I realized this and snapped out of it, the water disappeared and I realized  again that this was always happening, but we just experiened time so very slowly in the day to day that the water rose slow enough that we can’t notice in our macroscopic and slow existence. (I’ve you’ve seen the new X-men imagine the kitchen scene, but a million years

I tried to experience time in more than one facet in 4 dimensions after that in the dream, but in seconds I threw up and passed out since the result was experiencing the Coreolis effect in all it’s glory, planetary ellipse, earth rotational pull, axis spin and night/day shift strobing night to day and rapid moon and sun zipping across the sky and feeling the “meteor blazing
through the universe” like movement we all typically experience too slowly to notice.

I woke up then…but interestingly realized all of might somewhat be true but invisible to some extent. If you read any quantum theory it sounds like every scientist is tripping balls anyway.


Since I’m not a formal physics guy I had to look up Planck’s constant.

Here’s the main def from Wiki

The Planck constant (denoted h, also called Planck’s constant) is a physical constant that is the quantum of actionin quantum mechanics. Published in 1900, it originally described theproportionality constant between theenergy (E) of a charged atomic oscillator in the wall of a black body, and thefrequency (ν) of its associatedelectromagnetic wave. Its relevance is now integral to the field of quantum mechanics, describing the relationship between energy and frequency, commonly known as the Planck relation:

Interesting additional note on Wiki:

1.  Planck discovered that physical action
quantum of action” and now called Planck constant). This inherent granularity is counterintuitive in the everyday world, where it is possible to “make things a little bit hotter” or “move things a little bit faster”. This is because the quanta of action are very, very small in comparison to everyday macroscopichuman experience. Hence, the granularity of nature appears smooth to us.

Now I need to get a hold of some
physics people to see if my
dream imagery subconscious is onto something. Even if it’s a
known theory I always like
to know when my mind derived something without formal knowledge.

UPDATE: I had a fun email exchange with Dr. Michio Kaku (  Author, Professor, Physics Professor and TV Personality and also one of the co-founders of String Theory about this dream. I reached out cold to him as I often do and interestingly my bizarre dream was not that far off from other held theories. What do ya know! 

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