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Success is just a matter of luck…ask any failure.

There’s a common thread among entrepreneurs. It’s not seeing into the future, or amazing management skills or incredible insight into their team. In fact most entrepreneurs are not that great at many of the things that people think make them great entrepreneurs. The things I mentioned make for great middle management but entrepreneurs share a different common trait…courage.

Courage is the trait that has to be present. Throwing out the security of a paycheck and taking on the livelihoods of others. Risking your own savings to see your ideas and dreams come to fruition and sometimes, just as quickly, seeing those ideas and dreams dashed in front of you, it takes some balls.

A lot of people can relate to other people, be bean counters and have wonderful non-realized ideas but having the courage to take what skills you do and don’t have and making the best of them to plow forward over and over is what differentiates a middle manager, from a hired CEO and a hired CEO from a founder/entrepreneur.

Like a great entrepreneur once said…



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