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Success is just a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Business is a battle.

At its best its a validation of everything you hold near and dear and it’s worst its a cruel banshee that is sucking the very life out of you.
People who have never run a business think that it’s just easy for some and difficult for others, but a big part of it is perseverance, timing and the constant mindset to move forward and to improve oneself has a leader.
No one was born with an innate ability to start and run a company and there’s also a lot of “wantrepeneurs“, but the ones that can cut it and succeed are the ones that worked on themselves and their companies more than the others. The ones that broadened their experiences and made certain key realizations. For example that you must hire people smarter than you for the role they fill or that procedures run a company and people run the procedures. You can see it if you read Steve Jobs’ bio or reading Good to Great the changes that the company leaders went through. It’s fun but it’s not a game. It’s cool but its not a hobby. You take the company and the role seriously but try not to take yourself too seriously. Everyone loves the class clown but no one wants to be led by them. At the same time no one wants to be led by an automaton. At the end a reflection of yourself is the best leader a company can have and if it’s not, your company might not last long anyway because you’re pretending.

In the case of my companies Crystal Icing and its evolution to LuxMobile everything has been iteration and a learning experience, made even more challenging because we have always been SO far ahead in terms of ideas and concept that we brought concepts to to market long before the bigger guys were even thinking about “mobile and fashion.” There’s a saying that “Pioneers perish and settlers thrive” and I can see why the quote exists.. The creative ones are the ones that bring things to life from thin air. The scavengers can pick out ideas and throw money at it and try to make it theirs, but it’s basically an “append” or a bandwagon jump.
Sometimes it works sometimes not, but long game, I would rather set trends then follow them ANY DAY.

So I love being original, but you have to lock your competitive advantages down on paper and then just shut up about it until you get far enough ahead that your competitors won’t see it coming because they’re too busying biting your old ideas. That’s why by the time you see something hit our websites, rest assured, we are on to the next thing already. That’s what we decided to do. Some people define success in a business by their balance sheet and the balance sheet is definitely a method of keeping score, but true success means doing what you are made to do, which allows you to do it well.

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance – Steve Jobs

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