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Late night musings.

So I am no stranger to technology. I embrace tech. Tech does not scare me. Honestly, when they create a pulsing electric net connected mind uplink, I’ll jack that cable right into the base of my brain Ghost in the Shell style. The Ghost in the Mind, dualism and the philosophical nature of the mysteries of the mind have always been a big interest to me. Basically it’s a mind-body dualism theory that observes that processes and states can be viewed by external observations. So a person’s bodily life is a public thing. But, see minds don’t really exist in space and the inner operation of the mind (creativity, music, enlightened epiphanies) aren’t really subject to mechanical laws.

The workings of the mind are not witnessable by others. It’s private…so far. So a person pretty much lives through two histories: one consisting of what happens with their body in public, like with their husband or wife/family etc and the other consisting of what happens to and in the mind which unless expressed, is private. The problem though with this theory is that in order for this to happen without any gray area, there would have to be a division in reality where the mind is not governed by the mechanical laws of physics, but this is a dichotomy…reality can’t be divided quite so cleanly and nothing can exist outside of reality.

I’m a big fan of Plato and the Allegory of the Cave, which is probably why I loved the Truman Show so much but at the end of the day it’s all about seeing past what is right in front of you and understanding that there are things out there that you don’t know and that self-discovery is about, perhaps paying attention to that great big world outside of your personal bubble. Broadening one’s experiences is the single best way to understanding the world around you. I’ve noticed the broader and more traveled the person they less angry they typically are.

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