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How to find good eats in any country

I’ve got some tricks for anyone that travels overseas, particularly to China and doesn’t speak any Chinese.
If you are one of those people who will only eat at your Holiday Inn when you travel overseas, I have news for you. As long as you don’t drink the unboiled tap water in Asia, you’re actually more likely to get food poisoning from your local McDonalds. On top of that EVERYTHING in the good old USofA has ridiculous amounts of steroids, hormones and pain injected into everything you eat. Let’s not even get into this, this is a happy post. What I am saying is eating some chicken at a street cart is NOT going to kill you. In fact its probably healthier than your average Boston Market.

So back to tricks, one of the tricks that has served me the best:

1. Walk around until you see a big line.

2. Get in the line. People watch.

3. Wait in the line until someone hands you something delicious.

4. Eat it without burning yourself.

I say this because a lot of times things will squirt out.

One of the most delicious instances of awesome that ever occurred in my foodiverse was when I came upon a big line at Yang’s fry dumpling in Shanghai . Hand made dumplings who if God ate dumplings would eat these ones.

These are a thick-skinned, fried Shanghai specialty called shengjian mantou or just BAO, four for 2.5RMB or .50 USD and they’re juicy as hell.. if you find yourself eating these, grab with chopstick, chew a small hole and suck the soup out. The way they do it is they put broth in the meat and freeze so its a mush and can be handled. When it’s sealed in the dough and fry-steamed, the slushy broth melts back into soup but is sealed in the dumping. After finishing off this foursome (love the crisp bottoms), I was left with a savory pool of broth that I downed in a gulp. These are worth flying across the ocean for. What’s more challenging for me is finding beef dumplings vs. pork and Yang’s delivers!

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