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You’ve Gained Weight!

“You’ve gained weight!”

This is totally something Bengali relatives will say. They’ll say it before they say hello…even if its your birthday and especially if they haven’t seen you in like 10 years and you know what… I think that’s cool. Why? At first you may these people have no tact.. but it’s what everyones thinking anyway if it is in fact, so.

That’s my segue into my first post on fitness. First I don’t take this topic lightly. Those who have actually fought for their bodies know that it ‘s not easy to make major body transformations and there’s psychological and emotional components that intertwine with the disciplinary, nutritional and fitness regiments. By comparison, losing 10-15 lbs is actually super-easy. It just takes a short term discipline. This is not to take away from anyone who has accomplished 10 lbs because it’s still an accomplishment especially if you were already close to your optimal weight.

What’s harder is losing 60-100 lbs. To give that context, THIS is 100 lbs of fat.

Holy Shit, you might say.
Yeeeessss…. Morpheus would reply.
In 13 months I lost 113 lbs of fat and gained 21 lbs of muscle, resting heart rate dropped to 38 bpms.

Not only is this is task significant because its physically harder .. but mentally more taxing because of the sheer magnitude and it’s where perseverance makes all the difference and cascading goal visualization comes in handy… its the difference between running a 7 minute mile vs. a 1/2 Ironman. The mindset and perseverance has to be wholly long game. It’s also hard to to get those last few points of body fat % out of the way. If you down yourself from 30% to 15% body fat, cutting that last 10% down to 5%-8% is very difficult and its a Full Ironman. This kind of is actually parallel to my thoughts on business, but then again I like comparing everything to business..

I’m a scientist (computer scientist) by trade. My mind works heavily in programmatic structure when I choose to so I chose to get fit through a series of mental systems.
It started with a little arithmetic. 100 lbs was my goal and that’s equivalent to 350,000 calories. Again for context that’s like 1400 Snickers bars or a little over 300 large pizzas to burn off or 437 hours on an elliptical at a decent pace. What I soon learned is basic formulas don’t work because of the variance of human metabolism, basal metabolic rates, stress/cortisol hormonal levels and type of die (ie low carb vs slow carb and or quantity of ketogenic foods and intensity of exercise. After 2 months of experimentation 100% natural I found my “algorithm” for fitness.

“An algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list[1] of well-defined instructions[2] for calculating a function.[3] Starting from an initial state and initial input (perhaps empty),[4] the instructions describe a computation that, when executed, will proceed through a finite [5] number of well-defined successive states, eventually producing “output”[6] and terminating at a final ending state. The transition from one state to the next is not necessarily deterministic; some algorithms, known as randomized algorithms, incorporate random input.[7]

When I think about the systematics and psychology of fitness and total transformation, I have contrasting view points. There’s a point to saying love the body you are given, but if you believe you create your own optimal body and your experience in this life, then there’s a threshold of fitness that allows you to enjoy life in a truly more meaningful way.

I’ve been a large dude for a chunk of my life. A good part of it I was actually perfectly content, but when I decided I was not content, I attacked the problem, as is my nature.

Here’s the classic BEFORE>AFTER


Executing my Fitness Algorithm, in 13 months I dropped 113 lbs of fat while gaining 21 pounds of muscle and going from a 30 second run leaving me winded to running 10 miles straight through the hills of Puerto Rico during downpours and doing 100 miles on my bike every weekend. I used to be happy sitting at my computer making a bunch of money at my computer 12-15 hours a day. This changed. I ended up being a fitness trainer for 6 months, ran a workshop in NYC at a conference room in the Fashion District Hilton once a month where I was paid $1000/hr by tech geeks (like myself) on how to be confident and also how to approach women without being nervous and awkward, I took a break from life and hoofed around China for 4-5 weeks. Fun times! During this time I was super sensitive to my inner psyche.. it was my own personal social experiment and also to the way in which strangers and friends treated me. Like African-American people will tell you, RACISM exists and there’s also obviously a distinction between how people treat the portly vs. the jacked and realizations that Fitness = Wellness on many levels. You turn into a different personal on many levels. For example, it takes one year for a cell to pass through its life cycle so if you stick with it for a year, you are literally and metaphorically a completely different human being except for your brain which is physically the same (neuron cells don’t divide and die like the rest of your cells) but chemically/emotionally they transform too. I actually recorded it all, its part of a book I am writing called the The Wellness Algorithm , but that’s another post..


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