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Top of the World – Haleakala Crater in Maui

I’ve been to a lot of cool looking spots before but Haleaka Crater in Maui has to be one of the more surreal places I’ve ever witness. After a 10,000 foot climb via winding precarious drive which I completed in a Mustang the last leg can be scaled by horse, donkey or foot.

ImageTemperatures went from about 80 degrees at sea level to about 38 degrees and the oxygen gets thin. But the trippiest part is when you get to the point when you elevate past the cloud level. When you look out your car’s window and suddenly realize you’re looking down at the clouds you kind of lose perspective!
Also since you’re above the cloudscape, suddenly it looks like you’re on Mars and the thin air made the 5 mile uphill hike a little challenge.


On the same day I went out to Hana (you may know Hana as the place where Puff the Magic Dragon came from and that itself was sweeeeet.
Ah vagabonding… why do we not meet more often…

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